How Often Should You Blog?

When we’re bringing a new client onboard, this is a question that invariably comes up early in the conversation: “I know my company should be blogging, but how often should we blog?”

The easy answer is this: As much and as often as you possibly can. For most companies, even a “heavy” blog posting schedule won’t come close to saturating your readers’ and potential readers’ appetite for content.

So what’s ideal? For most companies, a daily blog post would be amazing, but if you can’t raise the talent, interest, or funds to pull that off, a weekly or even monthly posting can work. It just won’t work as well as if you’re posting more frequently. Our larger clients post new content several times a day, backing those posts up with updates on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and news outlets.

Think about it another way: Are you closest with friends with whom you check in once every few months, or those you talk to almost every day? Companies are the same way: Your readers may not actually land on your blog every day, but when they do come to visit, you want to be certain that you have something fresh to show them, rather than month-old leftovers that make it seem like nobody’s home.

Of course, there’s another good reason for blogging a lot, and that’s Google. Google has stated on the record that it will weigh sites as more important (and thus more highly ranked) if the content on those sites is fresh. Your company’s “About Us” page doesn’t get much attention, I’d wager, and a blog is the natural — and widely accepted — way to keep fresh content bubbling to the top.

Fresh content: It makes the Googlebot happy, and it makes readers happy, too!

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