Is Video Content Really As Important As Everybody Says?

Businesses get more business when they blog. We’ve already established that. But more and more, video content’s been being trotted out as the next big thing in customer communications. Is video really as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be? Rather than relying on clichés like “Pictures are worth a thousand words,” we dug into the hard numbers to find out.

Online Viewing Statistics Are Skyrocketing

The Internet analysts at Comscore recently released their U.S. Online Video Rankings for April 2012 and the numbers are staggering: 181 million U.S. viewers — that’s 84.5 percent of the entire population — watched a whopping 37 billion online videos in that month alone. A year ago, a similar number of viewers only watched 5.1 billion online videos. So yes, it’s fair to say that online video is booming.

Digging even deeper turns up some interesting statistics. Viewers spend an average of 6.4 minutes watching an online video, whereas Nielsen says most people only spend a hair over 1 minute on a typical web page.

You also want to create quality video content that’s actually useful to your customers, as the online audience doesn’t have the patience for straightforward pitches. Online ads only accounted for 1.6 percent of all the time spent watching videos.

Videos Create More Social Media Engagement

But don’t take our word for it! In a corporate-facing document (PDF) about increasing engagement on your Facebook page, Facebook itself says that a post that has video embedded generates 100 percent more engagement than a standard text-only post.

The company’s Facebook Studio blog found similar results in a May 2012 business Page engagement study; the group found that using video in a post caused Facebook Shares of that post to jump significantly.

Yeah, We Do That

The numbers don’t lie. If you want to kick-start your brand and spread your message with digital video, Null Media’s video specialists can help whether your budget is on the scale of an indie flick or a blockbuster picture. Contact us today.

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