Why Your Blog Should Include “Evergreen” Content

One of my daily tasks as a blogger involves going through the analytics and visitor traffic reports I receive. While my “newsiest” topics are invariably the ones that claim the top spot on any given day, the posts that draw a much more reliable stream of readers over time are perennial subjects that have a much longer shelf life.

Editors and journalists describe this sort of content as “evergreen,” meaning that it remains relevant over time as an expert resource for people searching the internet and researching that topic. It can be published pretty much any time you choose. The most successful corporate blogs will balance these sorts of posts with those about current events.

What sorts of stories fall into the evergreen content bucket? Here are some ideas:

  • Tips that illustrate expertise in solving a problem or challenge for the target reader. A sample headline might be, “5 Ways to Become a Successful Corporate Blogger.”
  • Lists of resources helpful to someone researching a topic. To illustrate, I’ll use an example from my small-business technology blog. Several months ago, I compiled a list of companies that offer mobile application development resources. That post still shows up at the top of my traffic list every day.
  • An opinion piece that might help someone make a decision. The title on this post, “Why Your Blog Should Include ‘Evergreen’ Content,” is a perfect example.

Aside from showcasing the knowledge of your company or someone on your team, evergreen posts will also help drive readership on “slow” news days, when there really isn’t much else to say, but you want to maintain a connection to readers with a relevant update. They should definitely be part of your editorial calendar.