Null Media Style Guide

In general, follow the AP Stylebook. These are exceptions and additions.

B corporation, C corporation

banned phrases – “smooth” (referring to alcoholic burn), “tasty”

B2B, B2C

bricks-and-mortar (adj.)

cyber attack

dashes (– or —, and use spaces on either side)


FAQ (use a not an)


headlines (avoid smart characters b/c WordPress may garble them, use Title Case and capitalize prepositions of 4 or more letters)


italics (use them for titles of works, such as books, and publication names)

“like” (use quotation marks only as a noun: Facebook “likes”)

#1 (not No. 1; in lists, use 1., 2., etc.)

[PDF] (use after links that prompt a PDF download)

periods (one space after a period, not two)

Q&A (not Q-and-A)


quotation marks (use double quotes in headlines)

serial commas (use them)

sex (avoid references to sex of any kind)

social media (takes a singular verb; do not hyphenate when used as an adjective [social media network])

sync, synced

tabs (never use tabs for online work)

ways to (use sparingly in headlines)

web, webpage, website