More High Praise for the Intuit Small Business Blog

Serious praise from for our work for Intuit — and for Intuit’s approach to content marketing and social media in general.

Business bloggers take note! Intuit’s small business blog is a really excellent example of business blogging done right. For starters, it’s updated one to three times a day, so the content is fresh and consistent.

There are also a number of contributors, so you know you’re getting a variety of perspectives.

The layout is easy to follow and the posts include images.

But wait, there’s more! So, so much more.

The blog has its own About page on which Jay Badenhope, blog manager, tells the reader a little bit about Intuit’s intent with it; what he says is content marketing…

Notice how the primary focus is on educating. That’s what content marketing should be doing, and a good content strategy is going to make sure that that’s done in a variety of ways.