5 Tips for Blogging Timely Content

Whether your company’s blog content is aimed at existing clientele, or first-time visitors, if you dish out stale blog posts, chances are most people won’t stick around long enough to read them. Consider these five ideas for crafting time-relevant posts.

1. Ensure the relevancy of your corporate blog posts. Help your readers connect the dots, with an explanation of how past developments in your industry may impact future trends. The end of the year presents a timely opportunity to give your readers an update on your company’s accomplishments. If your business fills a niche in the financial industry, for example, don your pundit hat and craft a 150-word post summarizing the latest financial forecasts.

2. Mine trade journals and industry websites for timely blog topics. If you search the web on developments in your area of expertise, you may notice multiple blog posts reporting on the same news items. However, if you take a few moments to peruse those search results, often an idea for a fresh news angle will emerge. And, as you flesh out that story, you’ll help blog readers understand how a particular trending development may showcase your company in a positive way.

3. Put a fresh spin on content. Inject the “multi” into media. Do a podcast Q&A with your marketing executive. Talk about your company’s latest products or services. Keep it short, to the point, and relevant to your customer base. Then, post the podcast to your blog with a brief introduction explaining the context of the interview. Be sure to incorporate visuals into your blogs, too. Slide shows, tables and infographics help readers parse and digest content.

4. Mine social media for trending topics. Peruse RSS feeds, turning the RSS item into a question, which may spark a fresh idea for a blog post. Tap Twitter for trending topics, choosing 25 movers and shakers in your industry to follow.

5. Showcase a company employee. Invite a stellar employee for a videotaped guest appearance on your blog. Or, shoot and upload a video clip of a corporate officer who has undertaken a worthy endeavor in the community, posting it to the company’s website, or to YouTube. Both options add a little social capital to the blog. Don’t tax the viewer’s patience. Limit the clip to no more than 60 seconds. Also, make sure you have signed release forms from those who agree to be interviewed.

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  1. Hello Jan Fletcher! Your blogging tips are undoubtedly helpful, and I appreciate them a lot. I do have a question regarding putting a fresh spin on content. In today’s digital landscape, short-form content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts seems to be gaining significant traction. How can one create a blog that competes effectively with such media? Thank you, Jan!

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