Survey: Nearly Half of Small Businesses Not on Social Media

I’m not surprised but I remain baffled at the attitude many small businesses seem to have toward social media.

Nearly half of small businesses do not actively use social media, and 25 percent claim that they are unlikely to use social media in the future, according to a survey conducted by research firm Clutch. However, many companies that are active on social media are seemingly finding value, with roughly one-third of those planning to increase their social media resources in 2015.

The mindset tends to be, “Oh, I’m just a plumber… what do I need to be on Twitter for?”

It’s not necessarily that customers are going to devour your Twitter musings or Facebook posts — though you’d probably be surprised how many do — it’s that social media keeps your company relevant in the web’s sphere of influence. If your business has a web presence, you’re at least in the game. Add a blog and you’re ahead of it. Now add social media accounts — as many as you can; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you name it — and you’re a market leader.

In the small business environment, social media provides additional avenues for communication and messaging — but more importantly it boosts your SEO presence considerably. A web search for “Bob’s Quality Plumbing” shouldn’t just turn up your home page. It should also surface your blog and all your social media accounts, flooding the first page of search results with information about your company — information you own and control (unlike, say, your Yelp listing). The idea is that whichever link a customer or potential customer clicks on that page they end up finding you, your contact information, and the helpful messaging you’re sending out to the world.

If your small business isn’t active on social media, it’s not too late to start.