Is Tumblr the Social Media Site for Your Message?

tumblr-logoSocial media marketing efforts are often concentrated on the major social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all show up prominently in marketing strategies, since they land at the top of most “top social media sites” lists. But several other sites are emerging as popular with select demographics, making them ideal for businesses that are targeting specific age groups.

Tumblr takes a unique approach to social media. Instead of limiting users to short status updates, long blog posts, or photos, Tumblr lets you post it all. This abundance of options lures millions of unique visitors each month. More importantly, though, comScore reports that more than half of Tumblr’s users are under the age of 25 — a significant statistic for businesses with products appealing to younger buyers.

ComScore goes on to state that web users between the ages of 18 and 24 are 2.5 times more likely to visit Tumblr than the average internet user. These users are at an age where they’re first beginning to make buying decisions. If your product is one that might catch the eye of someone under the age of 25, Tumblr may be the best site for your marketing message.

To maximize your effectiveness on Tumblr, here are a few tips:

  1. Participate. To build a following on Tumblr, it’s important to be a part of the community. Tumblr users share content freely, reblogging and liking posts to share items with others. On Tumblr, when a user likes content, their name and link show up at the bottom of the post, giving increased exposure to businesses trying to extend their reach. Also, regularly respond to comments on any blogs you post to show you’re an active part of the site.
  2. Tag. Tagging is crucial on Tumblr. Every tag you use puts your content under a list of Tumblr content under that specific tag. This is a great way to bring more users to you without much extra work.
  3. Use links. One great thing about Tumblr is that it allows external links. Link to your website and other social media pages liberally, sending visitors to your Facebook and Twitter pages and your company website.
  4. Know your customers. Because Tumblr’s user base is so youth-oriented, you can’t simply employ the same marketing strategy you use on other sites. Your posts must be specifically geared toward tween, teen, and college-age users. Coca-Cola’s Tumblr page is a perfect example of targeted marketing, incorporating fun polls and moving images to give the site a young, energetic feel.
  5. Keep your Tumblr presence open. Your Tumblr page should be open to everyone, whether they’re a Tumblr user or not. This can help expose your brand to consumers who happen upon your page from another source.

Since Tumblr membership is free, setting up a presence is simply a matter of adding it to your social media marketing duties. For businesses interested in appealing to millions of young users, it’s an investment well worth it.